Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Apartment

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Spring cleaning is a fantastic way to mark the transition between the seasons, especially if you or someone you live with is prone to allergies. Spring cleaning is a bit different than just your traditional weekend clean- it consists of some more planning concerning what things you’d like to keep and what things you need to get rid of.

If you feel too busy or overwhelmed with cleaning or completing a particular task, like organizing some shelves and the like, consider hiring someone from the app Task Rabbit to help you. This app connects local individuals to busy people like you who have the intention of something cleaned or organized by just don’t have the time.

Whether you’re used to Spring cleaning or it's your first time attempting it, there are several websites out there that provide useful tips when it comes to sprucing up your apartment. Here’s a really cool HGTV article that offers some awesome tips when it comes to spring cleaning.

Above all, be sure to have these basic supplies to ensure a good cleaning. Make sure to have a broom, duster, swifter, mop, vacuum, disinfectant wipes, Windex, paper towels, baking soda, Ajax and more.

How will you make spring cleaning a priority in your life this year?

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